Baahubali Trailer Public Talk

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The Monday blues are gone – thanks to Baahubali trailer launch!

While many fans thronged at their nearest theatres to witness Baahubali magic, many stuck up with their personal works are going green with envy. While without much delay or postponements, Baahubali trailer has been telecasted at the listed theatres both in the city and all over the two Telugu states and the report of the Trailer was largely “Mind blowing”.

The 2min 5 sec trailer screening at theatres was reportedly free but at some places, many had to purchase the morning show ticket to watch the trailer, as per sources. Trade analysts opine that on a whole, there shall be a considerable hike in the occupancy of morning shows.

Coming to the trailer, as expected, it would transport every cinegoer to the world of Baahubali. The getups of Rana, Prabhas’ Shivudu getup, the waterfall and the war sequences, cinematography, art direction, visual effects and not to be forgotten the background score are simply spectacular. We are totally assured of a never-seen-before visual wonder through this film.

The trailer shall be launched on You Tube by Prabhas, Tamannaah, Anushka & Rana after an online interactive session with fans. Baahubali team has thanked the fans for the response, love and mainly for not recording the trailer at the theatres.

Here are few public responses on Twitter:

Sam Nani ‏@SamNani8  Medchal, Andhra Pradesh
Telugu vala andharu collar agaresukune movie ee #Baahubali @ssrajamouli Jakkana gari jaathara suru #BaahubaliTrailer

Baahubali ‏@Prabhas_Raja 
Sivudu: Yeppudu chudani kallu Nannu Devudila chustunnayi, Nenu yevariniii? #BaahubaliTrailer Kummi padesadu ssrajamouli ARACHAKAM

Anurag Reddy ‏@reddyanurag41 
Saw #BaahubaliTrailer due toy high expectations it looked just average

Sai Kumar ‏@Its_Saikumar 
Am I watching a Telugu movie trailer !!! It took Tollywood to next level hats off sir @ssrajamouli @RanaDaggubati #BaahubaliTrailer

Bad Boy ‏@TarakAbimani 
Above Average ga undi #BaahubaliTrailer

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