Sampoornesh Babu Becomes Srimanthudu

By - June 01, 2015 - 12:18 PM IST

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In case some of you are not aware of Telugu, the word Srimanthudu means someone who is stinking rich with a lot of wealth. Currently, superstar Mahesh Babu is doing a movie with the same title. While that is one side, we are talking about another actor who is becoming a Srimanthudu in real life.

He is none other than burning star Sampoornesh Babu and sources close to him reveal this man has been becoming rich with each passing day. Apparently, the demand for Sampoo has risen drastically and he is being called not just for lead roles but also for cameo roles.

Owing to his demand, he is getting nearly 2 lakhs per day and many producers are not hesitating to give what he quotes. Given his fan following, Sampoo is the most happening actor but at the same time he is also a true inspiration because from zero, he became someone in film industry.

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