Hot Heroine's Materialistic Tweet

By - June 02, 2015 - 08:28 PM IST

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You have heard of the famous adage which goes ‘Money makes the world go round’. This is the reason why everyone keeps running behind money. In the film industry, there is a lot of money flowing around and if you have the right potential and talent, you would be immersed with it.

While this may sound materialistic, one heroine doesn’t hesitate to talk about it. She is none other than the luscious beauty Laxmi Raai and she got to share her thoughts with a tweet like this- ‘If you can count your money, work harder’. Some say she must have lifted it from somewhere.

But Laxmi’s point is, if you are able to count your money then you still have to work hard and earn more and reach a stage where you cannot count it. While Laxmi’s tweet is quite motivating, it takes a lot to earn a single rupee and there is also something called stroke of luck that should favor us. Anyways, point noted Laxmi!

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