Annamayya turns Lord Venkateswara!

By - June 04, 2015 - 06:49 PM IST

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Nagarjuna and Raghavendra Rao are the two names that flash us when we hear the name Annamayya. If you ask who is Annamayya, even tots would reply "Nagarjuna" - that's the everlasting impact the maverick director Raghavendra Rao created.

He always loved challenges and experimented like no one does. Otherwise, who would dare to make a devotional film with a star hero like Nagarjuna who has got a romantic image! And he kept on doing wonders with Sri Ramadasu as well. KRR owns the credit of presenting Nag who acted as a devotee earlier as Shirdi Sai also. Now this Annamayya is turning Lord Venkateswara.

Yes, Nagarjuna shall be seen as Lord Balaji in his upcoming venture with Raghavendra Rao. We know the duo is upto making yet another special movie but this news is indeed an exciting news for the Akkineni fans. While his sons are busy capturing the market with commercial hits, this is in fact an exemplary strategy from the senior hero. Can't wait for this special devotional feast!

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