Andhra Pori Movie Review & Ratings

By - June 05, 2015 - 08:59 AM IST

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Cast: Aakash Puri, Ulka Gupta, Arvind Krishna, Srimukhi
Banner: Prasad Productions
Music: Dr Joshyabhatla Rajasekhara Sarma
Cinematography: Praveen Vanamali
Producer: Ramesh Prasad
Direction: Raj Madiraju

Tagline: One time watch - for Pori & Puri

Avg  User Rating: 3/5


Narsing Yadav (Aakash Puri) is a happy-go-getter and 10th fail Telangana boy who falls in love with a school going Andhra girl Prashanti (Ulka Gupta). While Narsing tries to woo her, Prashanti cannot express her love as she fears her father Gopal Rao. And the day when she had to express her love, her brother Balu (Arvind Krishna) drags her home. So, how did Narsing win Prashanti's love and discover the meaning of love and life forms the rest of the plot.


Aakash Puri: The young lad has got enough ease and charm to be a star. His body language, diction, dialogue delivery, the Telangana accent everything fell into the groove so well. He got his act right so effortlessly, especially the emotional scenes - he's got it in him. Yes he need to mellow alot in his dances but on a whole, Aakash Puri passes off this litmus test in A grade.

Ulka Gupta: This exceptional talent did a decent job in the film and the emotional scenes are a in fact a cake walk for this star serial actress.

Arvind Krishna & Srimukhi: Their characters were limited but the duo has got weight with their presence. Wish their sub plot could have been dealt better.

The rest of the cast including Annapurna, Uttej, the kids in the supporting roles did an impressive job.


This is a remake and it was indeed a nice attempt by the debutant director Raj Madiraj but unfortunately he could not recreate the magic.

His characterization was impressive with conversations laced up with fun all the way. But the narrative fails to pick up some momentum and the story seems to have been inadvertently prolonged for no strong reason, especially the second half. The sub plots could have been dealt better. The first half has been pulled off with enough fun but the second half looks prolonged with a story that lacks a fast paced and intense narrative.


Performances of the lead cast.
Nice story line that might instantly connect to the teenagers.
Funny characterization and scenes that are fresh with hilarious dialogues at times.
The first half remains to be a good time pass affair.
Decent Music.


The lethargic screenplay and treatment in the second half.
Cinematography could have been better.


Music by Dr. Josyabhatla Rajasekhara Sarma are good and versatile. Songs like Dethadi are catchy enough too. Well the back ground score gives you a retro feel as demanded by the story but fails to leave an impact.


Cinematography for a refreshing teen love story could have been better multi-folds. The animation episode in a song and also in a crucial scene in the second half are mediocre.


Andhra Pori is a strict one time watch (along with your families too). However, it remains to be a good attempt yet a wasted opportunity.

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