'Jyothi Lakshmi' Audio Talk

By - June 05, 2015 - 06:12 PM IST

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The charming beauty Charmme is back with her new movie Jyothi Lakshmi and the audio happened in grand style. The music is composed by Sunil Kashyap and here is a look at the reports on the songs. Jyothi Lakshmi is the title song and it is also like an item song which has appealed the masses in a big way.

‘Ninu chudanga..’ is another interesting number with an interesting music tone and the lyrics are quite entertaining. This has got good marks from the youth and masses.  ‘Chusindi chalu…’ is more like a melody with a lot of romantic feel and it has the right kind of energy to woo the youngsters.

‘Vodhodhu…’ is a highlight song because it has got Tamil lyrics and the beats and peppy melody tune is quite impressive. ‘Kanti paape..’ is a sad and emotional song and it is getting good response from the melody lovers. ‘Chetiki gaajulu..’ starts as a rock song and it is a high pitch song with a lot of intensity in it. This is more to project women’s rights and liberties. ‘Raja raja…’ is more like a mass song with lot of folk beats and foot tapping notes. Overall, the album has got the right energy and flavor so let us see how the film is.

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