Nara Rohith's Asura Movie Review & Ratings

By - June 05, 2015 - 02:12 PM IST

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Cast: Nara Rohith, Priya Banerjee, Madhu Singampalli, Satyadev, Bhanu
Banner: Devas Media and Entertainment Kushal Cinema Aaron Media Works
Music: Sai Kartheek
Producer: Shyam Devabhaktuni, Krishna Vijay
Presenter: Nara Rohith
Director: Krishna Vijay

Tagline: Decent Cop Drama

Avg User Rating: 3.5/5


Dharmateja (Nara Rohith) is the jailor of Rajahmundry Central Jail and Chandrasekhar alias Charlie, a diamond merchant turned notorious criminal who is sentenced to death in the brutal murder of his step mom's family is Dharma's prisoner. Haarika (Priya Banerjee) is Dharma's love interest but her father does not approve their marriage. While Dharma is busy with the hanging arrangements, Charlie ploys to postpone the hanging and escape from the prison with Pandu, one of his jail mates. Charlie promises to offer him diamonds in return to his help. Dharma grows suspicious of Charlie's activities and right before the day of the hanging, Dharma's girlfriend, the son of the magistrate and the mother of the Dalari are kidnapped by the allies of Charlie. So, did Charlie escape and how did Dharma counter Charlie's plans and bust the gang behind Charlie? Well that's for you to find out.


Nara Rohith: This chubby cop nails it down with his attitude and subtle act. As usually you cannot expect dances and any stints of a regular Telugu hero from him in this film.

Priya Banerjee: Unlike Nara Rohith's role, she plays the role of a regular Telugu heroine who seriously loves the hero, runs after him, romances him in the songs, gets kidnapped by the goons and finally wait for the hero to be rescued.

Ravi Varma: This is so far his best after Vennela movie. With a creepy smile, Ravi Varma looks menacing enough as a prisoner who desperately plans to get out of the prison.

The rest of the cast including 'Chakravakam' Madhu and others did a decent job.


Not everyone knows the knack of engaging storytelling' but after watching Asura, we should admit debutant Krishna Vijay looks promising in this regard.

He has got an able actor like Nara Rohith who can play his real badass cop like no one else, a well researched story on prisons, prisoners and death sentences, a good penchant for old songs, an individual style of taking and an interesting and engaging screenplay - what else do you need to make an honest and good film! Firstly, the premise of the film is different and his narrative slowly holds your attention. It is certainly not an edgy thriller but Asura has the potential to keep you engaged and travel with it. Adding to it, the poetic voice over brings in depth and intensity to the story & some simple and well timed dialogues add weight to it. Though the film lacks fun in the regular format with limited comedy, the romantic track between the lead pair provides the much needed relief.

Yes...songs looked forced and curbed the pace of the story but the merit of the tunes shall help you overcome the inconvenience. But again, no commercial songs and duets which may not go well with the masses.

The first Half looks far more engaging than the second half with a predictable yet different pre-interval episode. But the impressive climax twist reminds you of the smart screenplay.


- Nara Rohith's attitude, dialogues and performance.
- Characters with stuff in them and the performance of other leads.
- Powerful and impactful dialogues.
- Engaging Narrative with Smart screenplay.
- Sai Kartheek's decent music and background score.


- Lack of ample comedy relief might not go well with fans and the masses.
- Songs looked forced and deviating the narrative.


Music by Sai Kartheek is good with versatile numbers and even the background score is worth mentioning.


Cinematography by Vishweswar and editing by Dharmendra was impressive.


Nara Rohith's Asura is all about a serious, sincere jailor and his Black cigar in action! A decent watch that deserves our time. Not for those expecting a fun and time pass batani film.

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