New Heroine Stands Promising

By - June 05, 2015 - 12:00 PM IST

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You know very well that every other movie tends to have a new face making her debut as a heroine because there is always that demand for new faces and variety. So, the flood is high in the heroine market but it takes only a few who have the right kind of talent and beauty to make it big in the circuit.

Tollywood has always been the best bet for aspiring heroines who have the right material. In that aspect, one girl seems to be grabbing a good deal of attention. She is none other than Ulka Gupta who has made her debut with the movie Andhra Pori. Those who have seen her performance have given her full marks.

As for the other aspects, they say that Ulka needs just an year or two and she has every quality to become a very big heroine. The anticipation on Ulka looks quite positive so it all boils down to what type of movies she chooses in the future and paves way for her career. For now, the start seems to be quite good for her. Best of luck Ulka!

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