Movie On 'Maggi'

By - June 08, 2015 - 01:37 PM IST

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Till sometime ago, when you think of noodle the only name that would come to your mind is Maggi. But today, when you think or hear about Maggi, the only thing you can say is Lead contamination. Well, Maggi is currently the hottest topic in this nation and it has reached a new range of controversy.

Taking advantage of this situation, some of the members in film industry are already making plans to come up with a movie. Usually films have in-film branding and if a movie is based on Maggi, the objective would be to attract the manufacturers of Maggi and convert them as producers.

Inside news is that a top Bollywood writer based in Mumbai is planning to write the story wherein the plot would revolve around some political forces trying to shut Maggi down and how things take shape. This would be a Bollywood movie and based on the response, it would get dubbed into Telugu.

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