Interesting Discussion Among F-Lovers

By - June 09, 2015 - 06:52 PM IST

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Among the many things that we see and experience in life, some become our favorite and we fall in love with them. And when we find someone who also shares the same taste then we bond further. Similar to that, there is a group among the cine viewers who are big fans of family movies.

Right now, an interesting discussion is happening among the family movie lovers and the reason for that is the new announcement from producer Dil Raju about his new project. Apparently, he has announced a new movie which is going to have stars from three generations in it.

The question among the family movie lovers is, who are the three generation stars. Already, one hero is Sai Dharam so some are guessing it could be Varun Tej and Nagababu. As such there is no third generation in the cine circuit from the mega family but this is not blood related and more to do with seniority. We have to wait and see who it is going to be because some are saying Allu Arjun Arjun- Sai Dharam-Nagababu could be the cast.

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