Star's Ex Wife Asks To Change Gossip

By - June 10, 2015 - 04:49 PM IST

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Once you become a film star it is not just you but also your spouse and close family which comes under the lens of media. To add to that, a series of speculations and gossips also become a part and parcel of your life. It all boils down to how you deal with it. In some cases, even ex-partners are not spared.

That seems to be the case with Renu Desai, former wife of power star Pawan Kalyan. It is known that Renu has hogged a lot of limelight and attention purely due to her relation with Pawan. True to that, she has been quite active on her social networking profile and adding more mileage to it.

The latest in that front is she came up with a tweet which goes like this- ‘All the extra smart ones planning my marriage, please note that I'm not getting married nor am I in love with anyone! So please go back to other gossip.’ Given this clarity, it is curtains dropped on this gossip for now.

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