Trisha's Compliment to the Bubbly Herione

By - June 10, 2015 - 01:32 PM IST

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It is a well known fact in showbiz industry that no two female leads would complement each other or have a thing in common. Despite having friendly nods and closeness in pubic apperances as well as award functions, there is always a cold war running internally! That is quite obvious and understandable because actresses face lot of cut throat competition between their contemporaries as well as senior artists. However, one extremely talented actress has chosen a different path by complimenting her junior with a memorable analogy!

She is none other than Trisha who has ruled Telugu as well as Tamil Cinema with her sparkling smile, acting as well as good dancing talent. Trisha has become synonymous with professionalism, fashion sense and keeping up to date with the trends. Wonder whom Trisha must have complimented all of a sudden? It is none other than our girl-next-door bubbly looking Samantha! When somebody asked her in Twitter about Samantha, Trisha nailed it with just one phrase! She called Samantha "Mini-Me!" in all respects.

In fact, Trisha and Samantha have some features in common such as getting tremendous limelight with first film, bubbliness and both being powerhouse of talent! These two lovely actresses perfectly know how to balance out glamour as well as performance. They were clever enough to choose different subjects and be talk of the tinsel town every now and then!

Great going Trisha! You have broken the stereotype of cold wars between female leads and paved for a healther film industry! 

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