Arthi's Death Boosts Up Manthena's Business

By - June 11, 2015 - 01:44 PM IST

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There are no two words when we say that death can bring only sadness and grief to everyone around. But there are also times when certain deaths become eye openers of sorts and set precedence to others. The recent death of the beautiful Aarthi Agarwal has left the entire Tollywood in state of shock.

At the same time, it has also gripped a few in fear factor. Reports from filmnagar and elsewhere have revealed many have stopped thinking about going for liposuction treatment. Instead, they found an alternative in a non-invasive way. Well, they are all going to Manthena Sathyanarayana’s ashram which has resulted in a boost for his business.

This is located in Vijayawada and as most of you are aware, his ashram is famous for only organic and extremely healthy diet. Since all know that there would be no repercussions by adopting Manthena’s methods, based on their body types, they are going for 1 month or 3 months or 5 months therapy.

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