RGV's Unfaltering Love For Maggi!

By - June 11, 2015 - 12:57 PM IST

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There are certain personalities in the showbiz world who choose to take the weirder path of life by questioning or following whichever is barred from doing so. This description itself is enough for the viewer to know about whom we are talking about! Yes, it is none other than the eccentric filmmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. He is one perfect definition of a crazy rebel who would speak his mind about any controversy which makes the big news. Naturally, this has earned him many fans as well as staunch haters as well! Love him or hate him, RGV will always be on topic of discussion for his genuine craziness!

It is a known fact that the Maggi ban has put the country on alert and shock for its unhealthy contents. While most of the people realized it is high time to know what processed food contents have, RGV naturally took a different route. This master of timing has posted some shocking tweets on his handle saying that he has eternal love for maggi and cannot imagine himself being separated from it! While most of the social media people are stunned with this daring confession, we need to wait and see the wave it would create now!

Does this mean RGV is making a sarcastic comment on all those people who are suddenly expressing their love for Maggi in social media? Or he is really obsessed with it?- Only RGV knows.

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