23 Glorious Years of Togetherness for Evergreen Couple

By - June 11, 2015 - 12:27 PM IST

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In the age of family sentiment and gross emotions being openly expressed on silver screen, there was a whiff of fresh air with Ram Gopal Varma's Shiva. This film has broken all the stereotypes of Telugu Cinema where the actors had to over-emote to excel in a particular scene. Shiva showed the Telugu Audienve that one can create a bigger impact by underplaying and subtle characterizations. While everybody raves about the memerizing music, breathtaking violence and amazing camera work in Shiva, there is one overlooked aspect to the film. It is none other than the fantastic chemistry between the on-screen pair Nagarjuna and Amala! 

The Telugu Audience were stunned to see how wonderfully Amala and Nagarjuna complimented themselves on screen and they looked like million bucks in all songs of Shiva. While Nagarjuna is more laid back and cool natured, Amala was effervescent, bubbly and lovable to the core! This classy couple rule of opposites attract worked briliantly not only on screen but also off the screen for this couple. Nagarjuna found his lifetime love in the form of Amala's youthful presence and Amala admired the earthy nature of Nag! Perhaps this was the reason why their chemistry was so evident in films like Prema Yuddham and Nirnayam which came later.

Nobody can forget the rain classic Swathi Mutyapu Jallulalo, or the evergreen teasing song Hello Guru Premakosame, or the feel good melody Sarasalu Chaalu mainly because of this amazing on-screen duo Nagarjuna-Amala. Despite seen together in few films, this duo made an everlasting impact on Telugu Cinema for their novelty in presentation and incredible charm.

This lovely couple is celebrating 23 years of togetherness today and their amazing off screen presence in events is always admired and adored by Telugu Film Lovers. While Nagarjuna moved on to business, TV shows and many more such things, Amala keeps herself busy with animal activist work, meditation and of course classical dance! 

iQlikmovies wishes this fantastic couple a happy anniversary and togetherness forever!

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