Kerintha Movie Review & Ratings

By - June 12, 2015 - 01:33 AM IST

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Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Sri Divya, Tejaswi Madivada
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Editor: Madhu
Cinematography: Vijay K Chakravarthy
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Producer: Dil Raju
Director: Sai Kiran Adivi

Tagline: Happy Days 3 yet One Time Watch

Avg User Rating: 2.75/5


Jai (Sumanth Ashwin), Priya (Tejaswi), Bhavana (Sukriti), Siddharth and Nookaraju (Parvateesam) are friends at college. While Jai falls in love with Manaswini (Sridivya) and Sid loves Priya, Bhavana likes Nookaraju but he in turn goes after his Facebook friend Shalini. Jai is a free thinker and happy-go-getter but Manaswini wishes to get rid of Jai to pursue her dreams. Sid is afraid of his mother and hides everything including his passion and love for Bhavana. On the other hand Bhavana is a focused girl but has a soft corner for innocent Nookaraju who roams around aimlessly. So, how did these friends overcome their challenges and realize their love and life forms the crux of the story.


Sumanth Ashwin: Except for a pinch of artificiality in his body language, this talented actor plays of the role of a guy with a clear understanding of love and life with ease.

Sridivya: Good to see a Telugu girl charming us back on the big screen. She was cute but far more beautiful in her recent Tamil films like Kakki Sattai.

Tejaswi: This time the chic beauty has got a significant role to play and her subtle act was decent enough.

The newbies who played the roles of Bhavana (Sukruti), Nookaraju (Parvateesam) & Siddharth did an impressive job and have a long way to go. Good luck guys! The rest of the cast including Anitha Chowdary, Prathiba and others did a decent job.


Saikrian Adivi, the man who made sensitive and sensible films like Vinayakudu and Village lo Vinayakudu is the creator of this Kerintha. But we seriously wonder if he was heavily inspired from Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days and Life is Beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong about being inspired but if you tell the same story, then that is seriously a concern.

This is the case with Kerintha! Right from the premise to the plot, characterization to the content of the film, Kerintha offers you nothing heart-warming to cherish or does no great magic. Keeping aside this fact, Kerintha is a simple story that starts off on a lighter note, promises to get intense but conveniently ends on a safer note – the happy ending. The story is so conveniently crafted that it becomes very predictable but since the scenes don’t induce boredom, it passes off the muster. The scenes are neither refreshing nor heart touching but the engaging performances of the lead cast and screenplay makes it a onetime watch.

The first half is a fun ride while things start getting serious (and predictable) in the second half with a happy ending.

- Performances of the lead cast especially that of Nookaraju character.
- Dialogues that instantly strike the chord with the youth.
- Engaging screenplay.
- Decent Music.

- Routine and predictable story with similar characterization (of some previous films) that lack intensity.
- Narration lackluster and might not go well with the masses.

The audio of Mickey J Meyer was decent enough but tunes remind us of his earlier hits in the same genre. The background score gets monotonous and feels repetitive at times.


Cinematography by Vijay Chakravarthy was decent enough.


Kerintha in spite of being a simple film that might seriously remind you some previous films in the same genre, it remains to be a onetime watch fun film that can give you no regrets.

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