Kona Venkat's Rajamouli Act

By - June 15, 2015 - 12:29 PM IST

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Whenever you see a successful man in your field, you would want to emulate that person and see what strategies he uses to reach that level. While it doesn’t work at all times, if you have the right kind of talent then you could definitely pull it off. This happens more in the entertainment industry.

Right now, the talk is on about the star writer Kona Venkat who has become quite aggressive in film production for his stories. As part of that, it is heard that Kona is following the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli’s formula. Apparently, Rajamouli does a lot of script reading sessions with his cast and he puts everything on paper before starting the shoot.

Not just that, he also gets into a lot of re-readings and then narrates the script to each and every member of the cast and crew. Something like that is happening right now with Kona Venkat repeating the same for the team of his new project Shankarabharanam. Here’s wishing him a success which is on the range of Rajamouli’s films.

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