Shankarabharanam in Brand New Style!

By - June 14, 2015 - 02:24 PM IST

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Shankarabharanam is one of the finest classics we have been ever blessed with. Every time you hear this word, you think of the classical great Shankara Sastry and his iconic curse word “Bhrashturala” (Ofcourse, we have many fond memories associated with this epic).

But ace writer, producer Kona Venkat is trying to bring in some change here. He is in a way taking huge risk by titling his film as Shankarabharanam and that too for a crime comedy. But this film featuring Nikhil, Nanditha Raj and others will be presenting a brand new Shankarabharanam for us.

As per a latest update, Kona & co. is trying out a new approach in filmmaking and writing with this film. The regular shooting of this film shall commence from this June 15 and the first look of this crime comedy shall be released very soon which is touted to be very realistic. This is being directed by newcomer Uday Nandanavanam and this is expected to be yet another diferent film from the young promising hero Nikhil.

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