Puri Clarifies Mega Doubts!

By - June 14, 2015 - 12:57 PM IST

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Puri Jagannadh is considering as the hot cake in the industry due to his two mega commitments with two mega heroes - his Mega project of the season #Chiru150 on one hand and on the other, his film with mega junior Varun Tej that shall board the sets in a week’s time.

However, with his recent Jyothi Lakshmi bagging mixed talk, there were many doubts about Puri directing Chiru150. Speculations were rife that Puri has been subsided from the project and VV Vinayak is being under consideration now. But Puri’s tweet last night cleared the air and he shared the latest update about the film on his twitter handle like this –

“Just narrated 1st half to Megastar nd am happy he's thrilled..I want to work very hard to make 2nd half 10times better”

Mega fans have breathed a sigh of relief with this tweet and have apparently put a check to the growing doubts and false speculations and opens up the carnival for the most awaited movie of the season. We hope the second half of the script would reach the expectations of Chiranjeevi like the first half. Wish you good luck Puri!

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