'Where History Meets Modernity'- Baahubali Audio Review

By - June 13, 2015 - 10:03 PM IST

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Baahubali is touted to be the biggest releases of Tollywood this year from the master class director S.S.Rajamouli. The film is equipped with amazing star cast with Prabhas, Anuskha, Tamannah, Rana Daggubati, Nassar , Ramya Krishna and so on. Keeravani, who is a regular music composer for Rajamouli has composed songs for this flick. Here is an iQlik exclusive music review of the album:

The anticipated album begins on a groovy note with a feel good duet Paccha Bottesi having the best of folk and melodious worlds. Sung by the extremely talented Karthik along with sweet sounding Damini, the song gives the nostalgia of S.S.Rajamouli- Keeravani’s earlier films and at the same time sounds novel. Lyrics by Ananth Sriram are funky with simple usage of words.

It is time for an introspective detour with Jeeva Nadhi taking the listener to the troublesome worlds of a mother. Geetha Madhuri, who usually sings high voltage numbers renders this mellowed down number with good ease. One can listen to Keeravani’s trademark string section in the background making its presence felt throughout. Despite the eeriness, the track manages to give a sense of hidden hope as it progresses to the end.

Dheevara is a tantalizing duet with syncopated rhythm leading to the velvety vocals of Ramya Behara and Deepu. There is the presence of lovely trombone, mild strings and laid back ambience which it creates. All of a sudden, one can see the transformation with electric guitar, energized violins which depict the aggression of the hero musically. Keeravani interestingly uses Far East percussions in best effect for this composition!

Family bonding gets a new musical meaning with Mamatala Thalli sung by the unpretentiously adorable Surya Yamini. The internal confrontation which a person goes through is perfectly depicted in this track.  A very special mention should be made for the lyricist K. Siva Shakti Datta for making use of inquisitive yet novel phrases for this compelling track. And there is a trademark usage of strings, violin and the gripping rhythm- what else can one ask for?

The album takes the path of valor with Nippula Swasa Ga sung by the husky voiced Keeravani himself which is replete with angry violin usage, and motivating chants. In short, everything relating to the track makes it an ideal war cry song for everyone to rejoice.

Manohari is an experimental duet which takes an attempt between indigenous Telugu folk music with international new age genre. Newcomer Mohana Bhogaraju does an impressive job with her sultry vocals and Revanth add his own touch of funkiness through his confident vocals. The mellowed interludes flow like a stream of river without getting overdone at any point of time.

Keeravani apparently takes a relaxed break with Dheevara (English Version) which is like a Jazz counterpart of the original funky number. The soothing piano touches almost blend neat to perfection with Ramya Behara’s voice paving the way for mild sequencing and meditative orchestration.

The brilliant album arrives to a finale with the already popular single Shivuni Aana comprising of inspirational chants, peculiar rhythm section leading to the uniquely hued voice of Keeravani once again. His voice is the real highlight of the track for its simplicity and raw emotions. He also adds a tinge of classicism making it even much better. Then there is amazing violin which follows with vigilance throughout the track’s progress.


Baahubali has the right balance between aggressive numbers along with impressive duets as well. The album will sure grow on the audience for the remarkable experimentation it offers.

Rating: 3.5/5

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