Baahubali Audio Launch Highlights

By - June 13, 2015 - 11:06 PM IST

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Why do we have to start with postponements when we have to write about Baahubali?

Because that is the prestigious film that is everyone is waiting with bated breath. And every spec of it is special and most awaited. Amidst expectations, anticipations, huge awe and sarcasm as well, the big cruise of Baahubali has finally reached the bay called ‘audio release’. Even this was postponed for obvious reasons and now in Tirupathi, with the blessings of Lord Venkateswara and myriads of Prabhas and Baahubali fans, the audio of Baahubali was launched.

When the entire fraternity is looking forward to the audio launch and wondering how it would be, the audio launch was simple, elegant, articulate, well organized and truly touching. Here are few excerpts from the audio launch:

* Firstly the song rendition of Keeravani & Team pumped in the quintessential josh for the event. But with the advent of ace anchor Suma, the event got onto the wheels with her wit and spontaneity.

* The commendable part of the event was the idea to select and introduce the best technicians in the team by the lead characters in the team. Talking about them with their photographs displayed on the big screen and that too on a big stage like this is truly an unforgettable memory for them.

* Adivi Sesh’s brief yet honest speech and his mention about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan evoked huge response from the crowd.

* While the speeches of the producers, cinematographer, special effects supervisor, art director et al was crisp, the story rendered by maverick writer and the proud father Vijayendra Prasad was special.

* The way fans cheered for Rebel star Krishnam Raju and his words of true appreciation about Rajamouli without much of puffery and the blessings he showered upon the team are yet another highlight.

* Meanwhile, the Trolling comments on the delay of Baahubali release, especially the Bommarillu spoof of Baahubali was hilarious enough that eased the intense atmosphere around.

* When the event was sailing off without a break, Rana Daggubati’s acute, intense and powerful speech gave the much required adrenalin to the event. And #JaiMahishmati is the new chant word now.

* Prabhakar who played the role of the barbaric Kalakeya and the special Kil Kil language written for him was unique and caught everyone’s attention.

* Moving on, maverick composer Keeravani’s rendition of the intense "Mamathala Thalli..." song gave goose bumps to the audience and the dashing entry of Prabhas amidst the reverberating rendition mesmerized the fans.

* Rajamouli’s emotional message of gratitude about his family, Baahubali team was sweet but the tight hug that Rajamouli and Prabhas shared was truly touching. “Rana is the sweetest person I’ve and there’s a good writer in him” said Rajamouli. He added, “Prabhas is my soul mate and he is my biggest energy booster”

* Baahubali audio launch is perhaps the best and apt audio launch a film of this magnitude can have because the audio was launched by none other than the million fans with their count down. “3…2…1… Baahubali” and the audio was launched.

* And last but not the least – Prabhas’ speech! His speech was as usually simple but this time, Prabhas surprised one and all by openly admitting that he did not like NTR’s Student No1 and even rejected Rajamouli’s proposal for a film. But later, he also stated that he was awestruck by Simhadri and couldn’t break the ice for long. Tarak fans would have certainly taken aback with Prabhas’ remarks but those who heard his speech shall understand the bondage between Prabhas and Rajamouli and above all the epic they have created and the history they are about to create.

* Finally, Prabhas officially announces that Baahubali (Part 1) shall hit the screens on July 10.

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