TV Channels @ Film Rights And Live Rights

By - June 15, 2015 - 05:28 PM IST

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These days, more than the theatrical collections, the filmmakers are banking more on the TV channels for the satellite rights. But the format has seen a significant change and lately TV channels are focusing more on the live event rights than the film rights.

Apparently, for buying film rights, TV channels are negotiating a lot but for live streaming rights of an event, they are showing a lot of interest. The reason for that is, it will be a star studded event and ‘live’ adds a lot of value. Some audio event live streaming rights are going upto 50 lakhs.

The repeated telecast is getting more TRP than regular movie TRP. So, instead of buying movies, they are going for Live event. Of course, it is working only for the big movie audio events. Or else, if big stars come for that event then also it is working. For some projects, they are ready to telecast for free because they gain in ads. If you can get a big star for your event then TV channels will give extra money and buy the Live Streaming.

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