RGV sensational comments on CBN & KCR

By - June 16, 2015 - 07:33 PM IST

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RGV who is known for his sensational tweets is once again back with a brickbat. The maverick who knows no boundaries when it comes to expressing his views, has made controversial comments on politicians like KCR as well.

RGV made comments on KCR and his nose earlier and now he has come in support of KCR. Coming to his fresh tweets, he has thrown a tweet on two Telugu chief ministers on the Cash for Vote case –

“Am embarrassed as Andhra citizen with CB Naidu for making national embarrassment of Andhra people nd I bow down to Kcr's straightforwardness”

Well, these comments might not go well with TDP and CBN fans but as you know RGV’s devil-may-care attitude makes him go immune of all the fuss. By the way folks, do you support RGV in this case?

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