Why Lyricists Are Ignored All Over?

By - June 17, 2015 - 02:59 PM IST

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The recent audio release event of the magnum opus Baahubali got a lot of praises for the grandeur and also the songs but it also drew some criticism. Well, discussion has begun on why Baahubali audio release took place without the lyricists not being invited onstage.

Apparently, the likes of Chaitanya Prasad, Anantha Sriram, Inaganti Sundar penned the songs for the movie and sources reveal they didn’t come to audio because they were not invited. In the past too for Eega lyricists were invited to the event but not onstage. This did raise the eyebrows at that point.

Also, when a song is played or heard on Youtube the name of lyricists is not being given. The music director has become the big and only man. And even those who are uploading are not giving the due credit to lyricists. Many years ago, in All India Radio, whenever a song was played, the singers, lyricists, music directors got the credit but now that is gone. It has become permitted to music director alone. What needs to be interpreted from this?

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