'Accepted Srimanthudu Just For Mahesh'- Rahul Ravindran Special Interview

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Rahul Ravindran is one of those budding actors who made his lasting presence felt with a feel good romantic film Andala Rakshasi released in 2012. His natural looks, subtle expressions and peculiar dialog ue delivery has earned him good fan base. He has been consistently doing films since then and will be seen in upcoming film Tiger along with a cameo in Mahesh Babu’s anticipated flick Srimanthudu.  This subtle actor is celebrating his birthday today and here is an iQlik exclusive interview with the talented actor:

Hello Rahul..many happy returns of the day!
Hi..thanks a lot!

What made you accept a cameo role in Srimanthudu?
Well, I really admire Mahesh Babu as an actor. He dared to choose different films like Athadu, Khaleja and excelled in such roles. My main motivation to accept the cameo role was to just see how Mahesh is on sets (Laughs)!

How did the role actually come to you?
All I know is Mahesh himself suggested my name to the director Koratala Siva. Felt really very happy to have got the role though it is small!

Please tell us about your acting journey till now. Was it a fun filled experience?
I must say it has been a great learning experience. I thought I would leave the film arena with the first movie itself. It was passion which kept me going throughout.

Do you face peer pressure in acting field as there are many young contemporaries you need to compete with?
Not at all. I feel the environment is quite friendly  and we all hope that the other actor gets good offers as much as I get.

Please tell us about your working experience in upcoming film Tiger..
The hero Sundeep Kishan told me about this opportunity. The film deals with three main characters and the value of friendship between them. I really want to do a film as a solo hero but this film has really good script which made me accept it.

How was it working with VI Anand, the director of Tiger?
It was quite rewarding. Anand worked as an assistant under popular filmmaker A.R.Muragadoss and he did a Tamil film earlier. However, this is the first commercial film for the director and I am sure he will get a great name.

Tell us about S.S.Thamans’ s music for Tiger..
He is an undisputable asset for not only this film but any film he works. Thaman gives high energy through music and it makes the film even more fun filled.

How are offers in Telugu coming up for you? Or it is more edged towards Tamil Cinema?
I am getting significant offers from Tamil and I am going to do a film with director of Sega next. It will be releasing in Telugu as well.

You have done more of love stories throughout your career. It is by coincidence or choice?
I like to act in love stories but it shouldn’t be the same routine script. I prefer to act in love stories with a new dimension and perception.

Your previous film Ala Ela was a significant hit. Did it affect your offers in Telugu?
Yes. Ala Ela was a good boost for me as an actor. My satellite business has greatly improved after it.

How is your married life coming up?
I am extremely happy to have married Chinmayi. Many people scared me about getting married to a showbiz professional but we never felt the difference. Despite her being busy in Chennai and me in Hyderabad, we always manage to be in touch.  She made a special cake for me on the eve of my birthday last night!

Upcoming projects?
Hyderabad Love Story is ready for release and two more projects as a solo hero are on cards. Let’s see where it would go!

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for future projects!
Thank you!

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