Kannada Media Chasing Telugu Director

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When you become a film celebrity the one thing you must get used to is the constant hounding of the media and the various things they create or write about you. They are so persistent that if they are not able to get access to you then they would try different channels to achieve their goal.

Something like this is currently happening with a Telugu director in Karnataka. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma who is busy shooting the movie Killing Veerappan in the forests of Karnataka. Sources reveal the Kannada media people are on their toes hunting for RGV.

They want to get exclusives from him and hence this frenzy. Not stopping at that, they are also locating the numbers of RGV’s close circles in Hyderabad and chasing them to get to RGV. No matter how many flops and trash kind of movies he makes, the demand for RGV has not faded a bit which is being proved once again.

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