Alcohol Issue In NATS & TANA

By - July 06, 2015 - 02:00 PM IST

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Some of you may nurture a strong desire to become a celebrity a lead a life like that but it comes with its share of restrictions and regulations. You would know this if you ask those Tollywood delegates who went to attend the TANA and NATS celebrations held in USA in the last three days.

Apparently, a banquet party was organized during the opening ceremony and as part of that, they serve unlimited drinks. Ideally, though you are a celebrity, you can sip your drinks peacefully, interact with others and take pictures. But thanks to internet and social media, this has become a hindrance of sorts.

Due to the instant photo sharing trend of the people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, some celebrities were seen covering their glasses with a cloth and sitting. Well, you never know when someone will click a picture and upload it on the web. So, whenever someone came for a selfie the celebs used to cover their glass with a cloth and strike a pose such that it is not seen.

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