Ali's Dance On American Dias

By - July 06, 2015 - 02:00 PM IST

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Have you been to any of the film related events wherein dance programs are also included? If yes, you would see that the trend of heroines dancing to hit songs has become quite common. That is expected because it increases the glamour value to the event. In India, such events have become more.

But can you imagine a senior comedian showing his dance moves onstage and that too on foreign soil? Well, something like that has happened during the closing ceremony of the prestigious NATS (North American Telugu Society) ceremony and this came as a surprise package to many guests.

Though Ali has got the image of a humorist and many get a smile on their face when they see him, he also won their appreciation by dancing like a true professional. A medley of hit songs was played for his performance and his act on American dais was the icing on the cake in this event.

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