5 Things Fans wish to Overlook in Baahubali!

By - July 11, 2015 - 12:17 AM IST

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Baahubali – the most celebrated movie of the season is finally out in the theaters! The fans who were longing for the film have stepped into the theatres with sky high expectations. The film has gifted a never-seen-before visual extravaganza but unfortunately fallen short of being a classic. Currently, there is only one topic all over and that is Baahubali.

While some second the divided talk, some opine it is a masterpiece. The film fraternity has hailed the film as a masterpiece from the maverick Rajamouli but the film hasn’t appealed to major proportion of the masses (We are definitely not talking about the openings). Interestingly, the national media sung praises about the biggest motion picture overlooking the storytelling flaws but the vernacular media simply could not accept the film. Well, we took a dig at it and found five key things that fans wish to overlook in the film and stand by this magnum opus –

1. Unfinished characters: Every key character in a film has a character, weight, mission and emotional journey and the character makes a key contribution to the progression of the story. Except Shivagami and Kattappa, the stories, caliber and missions of rest of the characters are largely unfinished and unexplored. Kalakeya doesn’t live up to the hype and even Bhallaladeva’s fierce and brutality wasn't completely revealed. But as they say, story abhi baaki hai mere dost! This obviously raises hope over the second part.

2. Slow and Steady 1st Half: The first half which took its own time and lacked luster with the much essential romantic track between Prabhas and Tamannaah failing to tug your heart.

3. The abrupt Ending: Good or bad, our audiences are habituated to stories that had a head and good tail. So, when you end up a part abruptly in the middle of a scene with a tiny lead and twist, the common audience found it hard to digest. But since it could leave us with some doubts and knots to unfurl in the second part, you need to convince yourself.

4. The lengthy war sequence: Intentionally or unintentionally, Rajamouli has put his best shots in his trailers and teasers. On top of it, the meat of the war sequence was unfortunately leaked. Now, the audience neither got something new to watch nor the duration of the war sequence did help the film. It did leave a scope for trimming but again the filmmakers have taken the liberty to define the difference between a king and soldier that ends up with a valid advancement.

5. The audio of the film was indeed a sleeper hit and those who have convinced themselves that the audio would appeal better with the visuals were beaten. Their guess went badly wrong and the songs have affected the film big time. The romantic song between Prabhas-Tamannaah & also the item number (as you can refer to) could not add much value. But then, Rajamouli should have intended to use songs as the much needed relief factors which only backfired.

Well as the name suggests this is just the Beginning and the expectations are multifold high on the conclusion i.e., the second part! With utmost respect to the passion, dedication, conviction and hard work of the makers, cinegoers are unanimously appreciating the effort that Jakkana & his team has made. He has definitely made us proud with his vision and effort! And we are only waiting for the second part with bated breath and fingers crossed!

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