RGV Compares Baahubali with a Dinosaur

By - July 11, 2015 - 04:45 PM IST

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Every Ram Gopal Varma fan or a follower would know that he is extremely fond of the eternal classic Jurassic Park. Going by the title, please don't get dreaded that RGV has made some damaging comments on Rajamouli's biggest film Baahubali!

We all know how unpredictable RGV can be and only he knows what he would like eventurally! After some sensational tweets on Pawan Kalyan's speech about cash for vote leading to some wrath of Powestar's fans on RGV, he has heaped mountain like praises on Baahubali and the way it has been made. He strongly said that no other Telugu film- let it be Srimanthudu or Kick 2 can come near this magnum opus! Here is what he tweeted!

"There are films and films and films and films and films and films and films and films and films and films and then there's "Bahubali"

One major effect of Bahubali will be that every coming big film of every big hero will look like a small low budget film

Bahubali proves that a concept attached to a star will make the film much more bigger which Hollywood realised decades back

For the first time a film looked bigger than its star Prabhas..with Srimanthudu there's just Mahesh and with kick 2 there's just Ravi teja

Bahubali shud be a wake up call to all stars to look beyond themselves to become bigger..otherwise they wil b relegated to the bottom rungs

Rajmouli infected the entire industry with a severe dose of inferiorititis whose only cure can be to travel in the path laid by him

Every big film coming after Bahubali whether it's of Mahesh babu or Ravi teja or Tarak or Pawan Kalyan or etc will look like a 5 D film

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