Angry Director's Fight For Love

By - July 11, 2015 - 06:23 PM IST

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The Tollywood circuit has got plenty of talented directors and each one of them has their own signature style. While some are known for their friendly nature, some are known for their strict nature while shooting. Few others are known for their professional approach.

In that, one director has got the maxim of angry director. He is none other than Teja and there is a strong grapevine that he gets so involved while shooting that if someone doesn’t do his/her job well he gets very angry. There is also a talk that in few instances Teja didn’t hesitate to slap his actors when they didn’t do well.

Anyhow, the update from his camp is that he is all set to arrive with his new movie Hora Hori. The film comes with a caption ‘Fight For Love’ and sources reveal this is also going to be the typical Teja type love story filled with intensity and strong emotions. The poster got unveiled and further details will be revealed soon.

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