Chiranjeevi's comments about 'Baahubali'

By - July 12, 2015 - 01:40 PM IST

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Baahubali mania is all over the two Telugu states and it is expected to continue for long. Meanwhile Baahubali is cruising ahead to set new records at the box office and also there are ongoing discussions about movie’s divided talk.

The same issue of Baahubali’s divided talk was shot against none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi and he lashed out the comparison between Magadheera and Baahubali. He also appealed to everyone that “It’s too early” to decide the fate of a film.

Everyone in the industry is commending Chiru’s responsible response towards Baahubali that has re-written Magadheera’s records. There is misconception that the Mega family and Rajamouli had a spat regarding Magadheera movie but Allu Aravind’s active participation in curbing piracy against Baahubali, the support of Cherry, Bunny and now Chiru is only proving it is just a stalk less rumor! Meanwhile, Baahubali is recording staggering records at the box-office and we wish it continues its unprecedented run!

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