Arabs Sing A R Rahman's Film Song

By - July 13, 2015 - 10:50 AM IST

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It becomes a matter of pride and prestige for you when someone from India begins to shine at an international level. This gets doubled if that individual hails from the entertainment industry because the amount of attention and recognition is rather high in this segment.

In view of that, the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman has reached a new league after winning the Oscar and Grammy awards. He has also composed music for Hollywood flicks and thus became an international celebrity. Now, some of his songs composed for Tamil movies are also finding international audience.

It is heard that Rahman’s song ‘Maula Wa Sallim…’ which was composed for the movie Ok Kanmani is finding a lot of fans among the Arabs. They are loving this song and singing it in a big way. The interesting part is, the number was rendered by A R Ameen, son of A R Rahman himself.

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