Deva Katta's Hand in Baahubali!

By - July 15, 2015 - 07:52 PM IST

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We all know the genius of filmmaker Deva Katta who gave us a fantastic film like Prasthanam earlier. He is an epitome of masterful dialogue writing and does a great job for every character he crafts in the films. But did you know he has given a helping hand for Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali?

Yes! If you might have observed, Deva Katta’s name was shown in the list of thanks before the titles in the film. While people started wondering how Deva Katta helped in this project, the answer came out quite soon now.

Sources say that the inspirational lines during the war sequence in second half such as “Naatho Vacchedhevaru.. Naatho Chaachdevaru..Chaavuni Daatukuni Naatho Bratikedhevaru!” rendered by Prabhas and some stunning lines by Ramya Krishna’s character as well. Rajamouli is apparently a fan of Deva Katta since Prasthanam days and he requested him to pen these lines!

These sort of good gestures take Tollywood to new levels of amicability and co-operation!

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