Vamsi's Aunty Film Shelved Again?

By - July 15, 2015 - 06:31 PM IST

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Among your many relations, you consider aunties to be the next best respected after your parents. However, there are also few other aunties outside the family who tend to create another annotation. So, films that revolve around aunties create a lot of interest and attention.

Keeping that in mind, the cult moviemaker Vamsi who shaped up films like Ladies Tailor, Anveshana and others wanted to make a film. It is heard that he had the idea of making it right in the early 90s and the movie was named Nalini Aunty…Neeku Phone Vachchindi.

But the project got shelved due to unknown reasons. Again, Vamsi wanted to revive it recently but sources reveal he felt the title and the flavor of the story would get a C-grade look to the project. So now, the project has been shelved once again and we would never know what it was all about.

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