Is Prabhas getting Rs 65 crores share?

By - July 16, 2015 - 06:20 PM IST

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Yeah! You heard that right…absolutely Rs 65 crores! We never knew a our Telugu film could collect 100 crores or even see Rs 200 crore mark until Baahubali broke the myth. And we never heard of any Telugu hero taking remuneration about Rs 25 crores but eminent director Ram Gopal Varma has curtain raised to a new discussion.

As per his tweets last night, Prabhas has received a share of Rs 65 crores from the profits of Baahubali part-1. Talking about the humongous collections of Baahubali and Prabhas, RGV made these tweets which lead to a new discussion of Prabhas’ remuneration or share in Baahubali. Initially, there was version that Prabhas received about Rs 24 crores for this film while the Young Rebel Star felt being part of this once-in-lifetime film is itself his remuneration. Meanwhile many opined that Prabhas made a foolish move wasting two long years of his valuable time on this  film but this “65 crore share” is raising many eyebrows and giving an impression that Prabhas has made a smart move.

However on the other hand, sources close to the unit and Prabhas lashed out RGV’s tweets to be sheer baseless comments. Out of Rs 235 crore gross (WW collection estimate) and around Rs 140 crores (approx.) share the film has earned so far, can a hero alone have a lion share of Rs 65 crores? What about the share of the others? So, this is just a speculation as of now.

In addition to this, RGV also shared his excitement over a corporate company (name undisclosed) purchasing Baahubali part 2 for Rs 325 crores. Nonetheless, an official confirmation is still awaited on this front. Till then we shall cheer for Baahubali’s unprecedented run cracking up many milestones.

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