Handsome Hero's Daring Stunt!

By - July 16, 2015 - 03:35 PM IST

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The handsome Hollywood hero Tom Cruise is admired not only for his stunning looks, charming smile and fitness mantras but also for his amazing hard work and dedication towards acting. He never hesitates to do a stunt and a complete director’s actor!

His Mission Impossible series is one of the most successful action entertainer films of all time and we all know the breathtaking stunt he performed in the earlier Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol movie by hanging on to world’s tallest building, Burz Khalifa in Dubai! Now, the actor has decided to break his own records in the latest Mission Impossible flick! The trailer of fifth installment of Mission Impossible series, Rogue Nation released recently and Tom Cruise is spotted holding on to a flying aeroplane! This shot has become talk of the town now and in the background, this hard working actor took seven takes for this fatally dangerous shot!  The director Christopher McQuire said that Tom Cruise didn’t hesitate even a second to do such a risky shot and was ready to give seven takes to ensure perfection.

When Tom Cruise himself was asked about this, he said he realized the power of wind in sky for the first time in his life while filming for this shot. This one incident itself is enough to say about Tom Cruise’s dedication and agility even at the age of 53!

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