High Court Orders to save Baahubali

By - July 17, 2015 - 05:15 PM IST

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Piracy is the one major problem that is bothering the entire film industry from a long while and the latest sensation Baahubali is no longer an exception to this.

Prior to the release, makers of Baahubali requested everyone not to encourage piracy and also warned miscreants who try to piracy the film of serious consequences. Despite such appeals, Baahubali pirated version of both Baahubali Telugu and Hindi version is out in no less time. This prompted the makers to approach the High Court and bring a John Doe order to curb piracy.

The court has ordered mandatory injunction to all ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) & Websites to remove and block all pirated content related to Baahubali. Any violations lead to serious legal proceedings as per the new directive.

Well this is an attempt to protect the pride of Indian cinema from piracy but it becomes our responsibility not to encourage piracy. Well, there are many who slyly saved the pirated copy in mobile phones citing reasons like black ticketing and some over smart chaps even say they have already watched the film in the theaters (which doesn’t imply that you can encourage piracy dear!) Besides call outs in Facebook & Twitter profiles, this pinch of resolution will also help in the fight against piracy.

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