Shriya Asks Books For Blind

By - July 17, 2015 - 04:48 PM IST

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You may be hearing of heroines being avid readers of books and whenever they get a short break during the shoot, they end up latching onto a book. Among them, the name of the sizzling beauty Shriya Saran ranks first. Sources say she is a big book buff and loves to have intellectual conversations on that.

But right now, it is heard that Shriya has been asking for books of a different kind. Well, she is enquiring about places where Braille books can be obtained in English, Hindi, Marathi at Mumbai. As you all know, Shriya lives in Mumbai and there is a reason behind wanting these Braille books.

She runs an NGO known as the Spandana Spa which comprises of visually challenged individuals. Shriya has entrusted them with the task of offering services to clients so now it appears that she wants to make them book lovers just like she is. This is indeed a great gesture from this gorgeous stunner.

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