Did God/Baahubali team cheat him?

By - July 21, 2015 - 04:31 PM IST

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Baahubali the pride of Indian cinema is continuing its hit streak across the world. Usually controversies flock behind such big ticket films but surprisingly, Baahubali could release no major controversies. Of course the black ticketing issue was brought into light but not many took it seriously. But now after Baahubali storm is shaking the world, a new controversy made it into headlines.

Coming to the story, Manu Jagadh who worked as an assistant to eminent production designer Sabu Cyril for more than ten years and also as an art director for more than 16 films alleged that God cheated him in the case of Baahubali. He claims to have worked for Baahubali as an art director and made several crucial sketches for this epic film but according to Manu, he wasn’t credited properly and in fact de-promoted as an art assistant. Manu was promised to be credited as Art director but he felt insulted and cheated by seeing the end credits that mentions him to be just an assistant.

Manu vented out his angst on his Facebook account his anguish in his own words –

“Sabu Cyril - an encyclopedia in art direction, a respected personality and under whom I was trained approximately for 10 years; really proud to be one of his student.

Yes, I now too go with the statement that I Got Cheated, for i was called for this movie as the Art Director and Sabu sir being the production designer , but been designated as chief art asst in the movie baahubali on which I felt I got cheated by depromoting by career level which I had achieved upon my 20 years of vigorous hard work. On this matter there are many news spreading without my knowledge which is misleading my statement.

Respected journalists /news maker's before publishing a matter pls go through the topic thoroughly and detailed. Pls try to understand the difference between production designer and production controller. dont insult a great personality who is well known and acknowledged as production designer.

Manu Jagadh”.

Manu shared many sketches that he has drafted for the roles of Rana, Prabhas, Anushka and other key elements in the film. “How can my credit go wrong in a big film like Baahuabli” questions Manu. He claims to have worked for about 1 long year for this prestigious project in spite of many health issues and surgeries and at the end, his work has been used and he isn’t credited properly. The art director feels so cheated that he doesn’t want to work for the second part.  

Let us wait and see how do Baahubali team and the national award winning Sabu Cyril would respond on these allegations!


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