Kaalakeya's Dialogue As Ring Tone

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The reason why you remember a villain is because of his scary look or his evilness which is shown onscreen. But can you imagine a villain being remembered not just for his look but also for the language he has used? This is happening right now with one talented bad boy of Tollywood.

His name is Prabhakar and he happened to essay the role of the Barbarian warlord Kaalakeya in the blockbuster magnum opus Baahubali. This role stood as the highlight despite the presence of big names like Prabhas and others. The main reason for that is the language used by Kaalakeya in the film.

It is called as the Kiliki language and news is that very soon, these Kaalakeya dialogues will become the most wanted in ring tones. As it is, the team is planning to come up with special merchandise of Baahubali and as part of that, few special ring tones would be created. Get set to hear an interesting ring tone soon.

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