'James Bond' Refreshes Audience With Reality

By - July 24, 2015 - 10:51 AM IST

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The very essence of cinema is to take you to a different world of imagination and dream such that your next two and half hours keeps you away from daily pressures of life. But sometimes, few films create such a strong impact that it takes a very long time for you to come out of that hangover.

This is happening right now with the recent release Baahubali. All are in the shock and awe of this film and want to see only this flick. But there is one movie arriving which will bring them to reality. We are talking about the film James Bond featuring Allari Naresh and the sexy hot Sakshi Chaudhary.

Touted to be an action cum comedy entertainer, the cine circles say audience can have few laughs. For now all are in the kick that cinema means grandeur and magnanimity but this one will bring them down to the regular stream of movies. If James Bond gets even average talk, it is sure to turn around things.

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