Anushka Fans Can Be Happy With This

By - July 24, 2015 - 04:59 PM IST

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To those of you who are fans of young rebel star Prabhas, milky white beauty Tamannaah, the towering hunk Daggubati Rana and even the ravishing seductress Ramya Krishnan, your day would have been made after watching the magnum opus Baahubali. But one set of fans are reportedly feeling low.

They are the fans of the awesome beauty Anushka. Apparently, in the first part, Anushka is seen in a very old and haggled look. Even her presence onscreen was for four to five scenes that’s all. Added to that, the second part will not come now wherein Anushka is shown in her younger avatar.

Given all this, the fans are reportedly feeling sad but here is one news that will make them happy. In the next magnum opus Rudramadevi 3D, Anushka is going to be seen very grandly and glamorously. Already, few stills have come out and a glimpse of her real beauty was seen. Once the film releases, Anushka’s fans can have a festival.

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