Baahubali's Writer Apology

By - July 24, 2015 - 12:34 PM IST

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Rajamouli's recent magnum opus Baahubali has created lot of positive aura around for the Tollywood's Box Office along with best cinematic experience. It also made Bollywood and other film industries to look at Tollywood in awe and respect. The larger than life CGI, amazing locations, costumes and strong characterizations are some of the reasons for this positive buzz.

However, this doesn't mean the film was spared from a section of critics. The film was heavily criticized for the flawed characterization of Tamanna as Avanthika. But now, the film is targeted again for a different controversy- this time from Tamil film industry!
Sources say that most of the audiences for Tamil version of Baahubali were disappointed to see a section of society targeted heavily in the film. They felt that some dialogues written were quite offensive on a lower caste and it would provoke disharmony in the public.

Some people even went aboard by demanding a ban on the film. Looking at things going out of control, the film's Tamil dialogue writer Madan Karky released an apology statement today. This young writer has also created the much talked about Kilkili Language spoken by Kaalakeya tribe in this film. 

Madan requested these upset group saying that such objectionable lines will be removed and it was not their intention to hurt any section of the soceity.

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