Sampoo's Biggest Check to Allari Naresh

By - July 25, 2015 - 03:07 PM IST

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Out of all genres in acting for films, it is Comedy which is the most difficult genre ever. It is such a challenging genre which should neither be done little over the top or underplayed. Unless it is done with the right piece or writing and intelligent histrionics, a comedy film cannot win the appreciation of audiences. After heroes like Rajendra Prasad and Naresh, there were not many heroes who could make consistent comedy films in Tollywood. However, a new ray of hope occurred when Allari Naresh, son of popular comedy director EVV Satyanarayana began his tenure as a full fledged comedy hero who earned a niche for himself.

With his father's masterful comedy scripts, Allari Naresh came up with unique comedy entertainers consistently in his career. Each of his new comedy films touched a thought provoking subject topped with nonstop entertainment. But sadly, after his father's demise, Allari Naresh couldn't get the right comedy scripts for his fortune. Besides the crux of the film, Allari Naresh did many spoofs of many hit films and heroes that won the hearts of his fans. He even did a film like Sudigaadu which banked on spoofs entirely. This formula worked perfectly for him until another shock came in the form of Sampoornesh Babu!

Sampoornesh Babu became an overnight sensation in Social Media along with common audiences with his unpretentious spoofs on Tollywood right from his first film Hrudaya Kaaleyam and his recent outing Singham 123 which were entirely based on spoofs. So Sampoo has apparently snatched spoofs from Naresh. Of late, his films are being loaded up with other lead comedians doing the spoof parts and Naresh is taking the back seat just to put the story ahead of his image. His recent releases James Bond (Nenu kaadu Na Pellam), Bandipotu & Brother of Bommali stand a testament to this statement.

With Sampoo putting check to Naresh's moves, the big question that lies ahead of Allari Naresh now is which scripts he should choose - Should he confine with his biggest strengh, i.e., Comedy films? Or change his route in approaching comedy scripts?
Well, that is for Time and Naresh to decide! Meanwhile, let's cheer up for his James Bond film and wait for some game changing film from Naresh!

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