RGV Meeting Karnataka's Ex-Don!

By - July 27, 2015 - 12:42 PM IST

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has an evergreen love affair with mafia and dark worlds! Right from the moment he set his eyes on the eternal classic Godfather, he has inspired from the film so much that every work of his is like a tribute to this classic. This peculiar filmmaker also has the habit of making movies based on real time mafia dons and try to understand their psyche.

To make things even more daring, he even meets the Dons themselves or their family members to prepare a masterful script for his films. There are instances when RGV met Paritala Ravi's wife Sunitha in order to get more information on her husband. He was the first filmmaker who visited the Taj Hotel attacked site in the shocking 26/11 terrorist act.
Now, the daring RGV has made another shocking film Killing Veerappan in Kannada which would be dubbed in Telugu as well. The film stars talented Shivraj Kumar in the role of K.Vijay Kumar.

RGV happened to be in Bengaluru now for the film's promotions and he grabbed a chance to meet a powerful ex don named Muttappa Rai. This powerful don hails from Puttur, a town in the border of AP and Karnataka and currently staying in Bengaluru. However, we do not know whether RGV is meeting this Ex-Don in his casual curiosity, or planning an upcoming film with him!

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