Tabu Talks About Her marriage and Children!

By - July 27, 2015 - 01:00 PM IST

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There are very few heriones who can handle amazing grace and breathtaking acting skills with great ease even while they age. In fact, their inner beauty and attitude reflects as they get older thereby earning them bigger fan base. One such amazing actress who hails from Hyderabad is none other than Tabu.

After her first Telugu film opposite Venkatesh in Coolie no.1, she won many hearts in Telugu lands with her grace and beauty. After that she became a perfect onscreen pair opposite King Nagarjuna with Ninne Pelladatha. Their chemistry was so good that she was even linked with Nagarjuna in real life by tabolids and the media. 

Somehow, this talented actress drifted her focus towards off beat Bollywood films and some Indian English film as well which earned her international acclaim. She was also featured in artist M.F.Hussain's Meenaxi: The Tale of Three Cities. Interestingly, Tabu will be seen as the vicious police officer in the Hindi version of Drishyam which stars Ajay Devgan and Shriya Saran in lead roles. During the film's press conference, Tabu was  naturally asked about her personal life and opinion on marriage and kids.

The intelligent actress replied, "Yes, I am open to everything. I believe in taking things the way they come. Frankly, the way I am currently, I just believe in taking life by its horns and asking it to come get me. I have stopped worrying or obsessing over marriage or anything that is going to happen tomorrow or day after. I think it is a pointless exercise. We never end up doing anything if we just sit around and keep obsessing. But yes, I'm most certainly open to marriage, children and a family."

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