Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe Movie Review & Ratings

By - July 31, 2015 - 01:14 PM IST

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Cast: Manojunandam, Dhanraj, Sindhu Tolani, Thagubothu Ramesh, Nagababu, Vijay Sai
Banner: Bhimavaram Talkies
Music: Bhole Shavali
Producer: Tumallapali Rama Sathyanarayana
Director: Sai Achyuth Chinnari

Tagline: Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Baadhithe...
Avg. User Rating: 2.5/5


A notorious kidnapper (Randeer) kidnaps the nephew of Member of Parliament Vasundhara and demands Rs 1 crore. He is assisted by his partner-in-crime (Sreemukhi) who loots passerby people in a jungle. On the other part of the world, Pandu (Manoj Nandan), Kodi (Dhanraj), Chitti (Vijay) and his friend are enroute to their friend Taneesh's (Taneesh) birthday party. The kidnapper and Vasundhara's nephew survive a fatal road accident but the small kid gets lost in the jungle. Kodi & gang passing through the forest accidentally finds the lost kid and Vasundhara mistakes them to be kidnappers, hands over Rs 1 crore and leaves away with the kid. What unexpected twists and turns did the Kodi & Co experience in that mysterious jungle and how did they survive a fatal chase about the Rs 1 crore fortune forms the crux of the plot.


Dhanraj: This comedian turned producer makes a smart move by choosing to play a key role instead of the hero in the film. He does his best but his touch of comedy is missing.

Randheer: He plays the lead antagonist in the film but has been underutilized.

Sreemukhi: This gorgeous newbie being yet another lead baddie in the film could deliver nothing worth watching. If you are expecting some glam feast, we are sorry you might end up utterly disappointed.

Naga Babu: His special cameo that was supposed to be entertaining has no meat.

Sindhutulani: This yesteryear heroine has some notable films like Ishq, Son of Satyamurthy in her second innings. Wonder why she is marring her filmography with mediocre characters like these!

The rest of the gang including Vijay, Thagubothu Ramesh, Appa Rao gave their best in the limited roles they got while the tribal gang have rather overacted catering to the needs of their director.


Inspired by some finely made films, some filmmakers tend to dish out some stories with an amateurish treatment and Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe belongs to the same category. With an ensemble cast of Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh, Vijay and other Jabardasth gang, DTT looks like a laugh riot but surprisingly, it turns out to be an attempted suspense thriller. Quickly digesting this fact, if you are expecting it to be a serious thriller, chances are bright that you might be greatly disappointed again.

The storyline looks decent enough to be churned out into a good thriller but it ended up being a wasted opportunity with some shoddy writing and inept treatment. The film starts on a high note with some mysterious narration of a tribal backdrop misleading the audience and later veers to be a kidnap drama and the pre-interval episode has a decent twist. When you are convincing yourself to come back to watch the second half, the second segment looks extended and offers nothing exciting and at a point starts testing your patience levels (Especially, the tribal track rather goes overboard). With no high points or impressive elements, DTT scores nothing in the department of writing and direction.
Except boring you down to death, DTT features all the traits of a sheer disappointer.

- Nothing worth mentioning except for the fact that it isn’t hard to endure!

- Everything from writing to presentation.


Debutante Bhole’s music is catchy enough but the back ground score was rather loud and irksome at times.


Cinematography and Editing were decent enough.


Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithe is neither a laugh riot nor a serious suspense thriller or not even a decent comedy thriller. With some promising names like Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh, Sreemukhi, Randheer, Taneesh and others, DTT remains to be a disappointer! You can safely give it a miss or spare your time if you are a hardcore Dhanraj fan!

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