Rajamouli Vs Baahubali: Who Is Popular?

By - August 01, 2015 - 10:01 AM IST

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So, the dust seems to be finally settling down after the big battle and rattle created by the magnum opus Baahubali at the box office. This has led to many discussing on the pros and cons about the project and a key topic making rounds is, who among S S Rajamouli or Bahubali is popular.

Different opinions came in and the final result is that Baahubali the film is only popular than its creator, the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. The reason being, there are many times we know some famous Hollywood movies but not their director. It is always the product that gets the first priority over the person who made it.

Barring a few iconic flicks such as Avatar, Titanic, Inception wherein we were able to discover the directors, most of the times, it has been the film which has captured our hearts with its magnitude and emotion. In this case, it is obvious that Baahubali as a film has a stronger popularity quotient than Rajamouli.

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