Good Thing About 'Sardar'

By - August 01, 2015 - 09:47 AM IST

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Your sensitivity towards certain actors and their movies is always quite high and every aspect of such projects trigger a lot of reactions. Given that, we all know how the situation would be when the project of power star Pawan Kalyan is on the anvil.  True to that, one talk has now emerged.

This has to do with the title of his new project. Instead of Gabbar Singh 2, it has been titled as Sardar. The common opinion being expressed is, that is the best thing to do instead of naming it as Gabbar Singh 2. This is because the sequel sentiment has never worked for anyone in the industry.

This is more to do with coining the title with a number 2 especially. Many say having a fresh title is good for the movie and anyhow, it has already been clarified that the story is going to be entirely different with no connection to the first edition so it is fair enough. Keep watching this space for more about Sardar.

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